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walkingdecay: E3! I've an invite to watch with hospitality laid on, so I expect to be gazing suspiciously into elaborate sandwiches and turning down the bottles of fizzy puddle the corporate types mistake for beer. Extraordinary Things are afoot, I'm told. Yeah, right. Jun 13, 2016 10:04:24 GMT
Martin: I'd go almost anywhere with hospitality provided, but this sounds a bit special! Keep the updates coming, with photos if possible ;) Jun 13, 2016 13:43:45 GMT
walkingdecay: Turns out I was wrong. Xbox Scorpio is afoot. Now I know what that proof of technology thing I mentioned the other week was really about. PM sent about other stuff. Jun 13, 2016 23:03:15 GMT
gekko: Lucky bugger. I'm just having to content myself with following updates on Polygon. Jun 14, 2016 8:43:48 GMT
walkingdecay: My secret's being part of the Xbox preview program, having a big-ish gamerscore, living in the right place and having a rare instance of dumb luck. On the downside, Cortana's included in the current preview and she's broken voice commands. My life is hard. Jun 14, 2016 9:37:24 GMT
lefthook: Today is gonna be the day! :serenade: Jun 15, 2016 16:39:52 GMT
walkingdecay: Er, excellent! Jun 16, 2016 11:37:50 GMT
walkingdecay: Yay Cliff! Never believed that one for a moment. Jun 16, 2016 11:39:25 GMT
Martin: Indeed! About time Sir Clifford was allowed to carry on making sublime hit pop records in peace :coffee: Jun 16, 2016 13:02:33 GMT *
lefthook: ...were gonna vote out of the EU :oops: Jun 16, 2016 16:37:33 GMT
007: you put your left foot in your right arm out.... Jun 23, 2016 8:32:07 GMT
007: just bought a new make of guitar a Farage very loud and noisy :excited: Jun 23, 2016 8:33:23 GMT
Mike Floorstand: Martin I don't suppose you have a spare room? Jun 24, 2016 18:00:20 GMT
walkingdecay: Make that two. How do you apply for Scottish citizenship? Jun 25, 2016 13:06:20 GMT
007: you have to take a Scottish citizenship this requires watching Braveheart all the way through twice and familiarising yourself with all Billy Connellys jokes and finally playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes Jun 25, 2016 18:24:02 GMT
walkingdecay: Hmm. Not sure the Memsahib would let me watch Braveheart, given Gibson's anti-Semitism. The other two I could manage though. Jun 26, 2016 12:06:09 GMT
gekko: My other half is Scottish - hoping I can claim citizenship through marriage. I'll even watch Braveheart and laugh at Billy Connelly's jokes. Jun 26, 2016 16:28:26 GMT
Martin: You are all welcome :D And there's no need to watch Braveheart......season one of Outlander on Amazon will suffice ;) Jun 26, 2016 17:48:43 GMT *
rthef: The vote-result maps provide a very useful reference for areas you might want/not want to move to (one way or the other). Jun 27, 2016 8:31:10 GMT
walkingdecay: Kind of rthef - but I couldn't move to London again. And I'm keeping up with Season 2 of Outlander, so I already have credits towards the Scottish citizenshp test. Jun 27, 2016 12:39:26 GMT