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walkingdecay: Hart is just wrong for it. Her show features sub-Harry Worth scripts, dependent on pathetic catchphrases and falling over. And I don't think she could connect with and have fun with contestants. Too much ego. Aug 21, 2014 9:34:18 GMT
walkingdecay: She can't even do a convincing pratfall, signals it every time... Aug 21, 2014 9:37:16 GMT *
walkingdecay: Grrr. Aug 21, 2014 9:37:20 GMT
minorkey: Bi like Miranda, thought she was funny in that sci fi comedy show. Gen game though? Aug 21, 2014 11:27:27 GMT
Martin: So, maybe someone in the Larry Grayson mould then? (I'm too young to remember Brucie doing it :blush: :smug:) Aug 21, 2014 11:33:33 GMT
007: Give it Paxman Aug 21, 2014 12:47:27 GMT
minorkey: Could be worse. Could be Joe Brand or Sarah Millican Aug 21, 2014 13:00:45 GMT
leoroberts: I have to admit that I like Miranda Hart's comedy - physical and inoffensive. Very much 'situation comedy' in that the laughs are derived from the situations she's in rather than the words that are said. Aug 21, 2014 13:51:51 GMT
leoroberts: I tend to agree that she wouldn't be even my 10th choice for the Generation game, though ... Aug 21, 2014 13:52:22 GMT
andyhowell: Is this not a horrible example of TV loosing its drive? Do we really need this back at all? Aug 28, 2014 15:47:46 GMT
Martin: No we don't ;) Aug 28, 2014 18:01:23 GMT
007: Bring back ....................Crackerjack Aug 28, 2014 19:03:51 GMT
ocarolan: Hoooraaaaaaaaay!!! Aug 28, 2014 20:43:34 GMT
Martin: Ooh, I could crush a grape, rip a tissue, jump off a wendyhouse etc etc :cynic: Aug 29, 2014 13:43:11 GMT *
007: I believe that someone on here may own a Crackejack pen and pencil set or is that a cauliflower Aug 29, 2014 21:00:46 GMT
ocarolan: :tw: Sept 1, 2014 8:36:01 GMT
scorpiodog: Can't seem to move for all this tumbleweed Sept 2, 2014 13:40:47 GMT
Martin: :fish: Sept 2, 2014 17:20:15 GMT
ocarolan: :tw: Sept 2, 2014 18:22:56 GMT
007: :rain: Sept 2, 2014 18:53:53 GMT