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What's on your mind?
007: Ah what ever happened to Fabian he was hat they called at the time a Teen idol Jul 16, 2014 9:45:28 GMT
walkingdecay: "An overnight singing sensation...Fabian continues to expand his ever-growing career...this pop music and motion picture icon..." I wonder if he wrote his own entry on IMDB? Jul 17, 2014 14:33:26 GMT
turbo: As a newbie on here, I just wanted to sing the praises of Farida Guitars. They make the best mid-priced, all-solid wood acoustics money can buy. I bought a D52e - £599 new from their exclusive stockist, Dawson's. If that's your budget level give 'em a try. Jul 20, 2014 14:39:10 GMT
walkingdecay: Just accidentally seen a major spoiler for the final series of True Blood. Pigging internet. Jul 21, 2014 11:49:26 GMT
Martin: You've got to be really careful about that sort of thing. I've done it before, looking for info on a programme or actor and then, blam! - the entire plot is revealed. Never check out a film on wikipedia - the thing is given away in the first lines. Jul 21, 2014 12:15:45 GMT
Martin: In saying that, I've still got last season not to mention the new season to catch up on, so :smug: :smug: Jul 21, 2014 12:16:22 GMT
walkingdecay: The last season? That was great, especially when Eric decap... Jul 21, 2014 13:19:23 GMT
walkingdecay: The Boy's on form today. While I was watching this video of The Moulettes he said, "When does Scooby Doo appear?" http://youtu.be/6DdKq7svsHI Apparently he's also secretly changed his Mum's ringtone to The Imperial March from Star Wars. Jul 21, 2014 14:08:33 GMT
walkingdecay: I'd love to be there when she finds out. Jul 21, 2014 14:09:15 GMT
007: what was it before Pete? Jul 21, 2014 14:47:56 GMT
walkingdecay: A jolly bit of Bach. Jul 21, 2014 14:56:09 GMT
007: Thats an oxymoron if there there was one Jul 21, 2014 15:17:24 GMT
Mike Floorstand: Pesky kids! Jul 21, 2014 17:59:10 GMT
walkingdecay: Some great jazz turning up on Sky Arts these days: Coltrane, Mingus, Sarah Vaughan, The Jazz Messengers - and as of this morning an absolutely stonking '58 Concert by Duke Ellington. One of Duke's best line-ups playing some of the best music ever made. Jul 22, 2014 13:16:49 GMT
walkingdecay: First performance of the amateur musical production I'm playing for is tonight. Please don't wish me luck. After the technical and dress rehearsals I'd rather have a bag to cover my face and to be given a new identity in place somewhere far from here. Jul 24, 2014 13:52:05 GMT
scorpiodog: Rely on us, WD, we'd break your cover even if you were anonymised under the musician protection programme. Break a leg, old Fruit. Jul 24, 2014 16:40:13 GMT
ocarolan: Ooh, missed this - hope you managed to find a suitable bag Pete. How did it go? Jul 24, 2014 22:57:43 GMT
walkingdecay: It was...not good, and got worse over the three nights. The poor folks should not have chosen a show where they have to rock out, because they just don't know how. Imagine Good Vibrations sung as if it was a Lloyd Webber ensemble piece. Jul 27, 2014 13:26:16 GMT
ocarolan: I imagine it could have been worse still had you not been there though. Jul 27, 2014 21:50:29 GMT
walkingdecay: The drummer was really good, so I could just hide behind his backbeat. Jul 28, 2014 23:53:43 GMT