EXPIRED : 1965 Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass


What's on your mind?
Akquarius: How time flies. I'm back on the ferry, this time on my way east, leaving the White Cliffs of Dover behind me. What a phantastic weekend this was! However, now I'm looking forward to get back home :-) Sept 28, 2015 11:11:12 GMT
leoroberts: Journey well, Bernd. Great to see you again. Sept 28, 2015 12:25:43 GMT
ocarolan: Another simply grand HB weekend! Especially good to see so many HB virgins and so many loofiers, and some who were in both categories. And lovely to meet up with old friends again. Great folks, great music and lots of laughs! Roll on HB7. Sept 28, 2015 16:05:27 GMT
Akquarius: home and dry now. Just having a look at the photos, which is much easier on a notebook. There's time for a "thank you" post tomorrow. Sept 28, 2015 18:25:14 GMT
Martin: Glad you got home safely, Bernd. And everyone else too, I hope :thumbup: Sept 28, 2015 20:26:14 GMT
hadrian: Hi folks (geddit?) Sept 28, 2015 20:43:30 GMT
hadrian: Just to say, thanks for a great weekend - great to meet everyone, touch all those lovely bits of wood and talk about stuff that really matters in life Sept 28, 2015 20:44:31 GMT
Martin: Hi Adrian :topper: Sept 28, 2015 20:44:58 GMT
hadrian: Hi Martin…you escaped from Hebden Bridge then! Thanks for organising the weekend. Most enjoyable - met some wonderful people. Sept 28, 2015 20:51:52 GMT
Martin: Yes, eventually! :D Glad you enjoyed it, and it was great to meet you! Sept 28, 2015 20:53:48 GMT *
hadrian: It's inspired me to…well…start looking for another guitar. Who knows, maybe I'll bring it along next year! Sept 28, 2015 20:54:37 GMT
ocarolan: Glad you made it home OK Bernd - you must be tired! Great to see you again - admire your commitment to such a journey! And great to meet you, (H)Adrian, for the first time - look forward to seeing you at HB7, if not before. Sept 28, 2015 21:21:23 GMT
007: what about HB 6 1/2 Sept 29, 2015 19:50:32 GMT
lavaman: +1 for HB 6 1/2 Sept 30, 2015 15:39:36 GMT
ocarolan: That'd be in March then....? Might be a good time, for those that feel able, to organise a local regional meeting...? Doesn't need any special permission - just book a room/pub for a Sat lunch/afto, advertise it on the Forum and see who turns up... Sept 30, 2015 17:06:05 GMT *
ocarolan: ...I've been saying for ages that I'll (dis)organise a S.W. meeting but have done yet! Time I got off my backside and looked for a suitable venue I think! Sept 30, 2015 17:08:31 GMT *
hadrian: Really nice to meet you too ocarolan ... and of course everyone else! Sept 30, 2015 21:37:07 GMT
ocarolan: How's Llyn going ? Oct 2, 2015 23:15:06 GMT *
leoroberts: It went very well, fankoo, Keef :) Oct 4, 2015 19:46:39 GMT
ocarolan: :thumbup: Oct 5, 2015 10:39:14 GMT